Friday, January 7, 2011

Late Merry Christmas and Belated New Year

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope all the pooches received something special from Santa! Bubba got LOTS and LOTS of toys, in matter of fact his toy basket is over flowing with toys. I dont have any pictures up on the computer can blame that on having to go back to work this past week, but I will do a picture post sometime this week. As for my family and I we must of been on the "nice list" because we got lots of presents as well. My sister/Aunt Angi was with us for x-mas and she got some clothes and a new cell phone. My parents received lots of clothes and I got a leather jacket, a watch and some clothes as well! This past Monday officially started back to 6:00AM mornings and 5:00PM traffic and to say the least I am ready for the weekend! We dont have any big plans, just some chores around the house and taking down the last christmas tree. I hope everyone had a great holiday and watch for lots of pics coming soon!


  1. Belated greetings to woo as well!


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