Sunday, December 19, 2010

Under the Weather

As you guys can tell Bubba and I have been under the weather the past few days. It started late Friday night, all day on Friday I was feeling fine and everything was normal. Saturday we woke up and I was feeling just Blah, but I knew I had that last minute Chritmas Shopping to do so I decided I would still go out. Well lets just say a couple of hours later and I was past due to come home and I have felt horrible ever since. Last night I might of gotten 4 hours of sleep. I was just not able to go to sleep but yet I wasn't able to stay up. Its like I had a massive pressure headache...thats the only way I can describe it. So today has been about the same and to say the least we have only moved once and that was for a Starbucks run!!! Other than that we have done nothing. I'm hoping I will start feeling better cause tomorrow im suppost to be going to my sister's house to help her get ready for a Christmas party she is having and of course everything else coming up this week so pray I get better. Hope everyone has had a great weekend and stay healthy....

Bubba Marley will be turning 2 on Friday!!! keep ya posted.

Monday, December 13, 2010

1st Santa Picture!!!

Well this event is going to be a new tradition in this family. It's declared the weekend after my birthday...which is the 8th is going to be the "santa picture" weekend!!! This past weekend was so much fun it started off early Saturday morning, my mom and I dropped off Bubba for a bath and then we went to do some Christmas shopping! My sister surprised us and she is going to be with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!! therefore, my mom and I knew we had to so some shopping for her so thats what we did. After that we got something to eat and then headed back to pick up Bubba for his Santa Picture!!! and this is what we got.....

If you ask me I think Petsmart should use him next year for advertisement. LOL Hope everyone had a great weekend and we hope everyone has a great week! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

I can't believe that Christmas is two weeks from Saturday!!! Where did October go? Where did November go? and now im about to be saying where did December go? So now that Christmas is basically 2 weeks away Bubba Marley wants to know who is going to go see Santa! I'm sure most of you know, but Petsmart does Santa pictures on the weekends in the month of December so guess what we are going to do this weekend...we are going to go see Santa!!! Last year was Bubba's first Christmas with us and unfortuantly we did not get to go see Santa. This time last year we had A LOT going on and we never got around to going so this year its a "MUST DO" on the "to do list" Hope everyone has a good weekend and now that I have 3 weeks off!!! I will have some pictures up on the blog by next week.