Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where have we Been?

Well thats a good question. This month has seemed like its just flown by. It first started off with my nieces 1st b-day at the park when it was like 30 degrees.....lets just say after like 6 cups of hot apple cidar I was still cold. Then, the next weekend my sister, mom, grandma, Bubba and I drove to St. Augustine for a day trip/ something special for Bubba. Lets just say it wasn't as fun as we thought. To be honest it was probably one the most boring cities I have ever been to and I forgot to take pics. Sorry. We got there around 10am and by 2pm we were ready to come home, but the best thing in St. Augustine is Savannah Sweets I could of spent literally over a hundred dollars on pralines....they are the BEST sweet treat ever. This week was just like any ordinary week around the house. On Saturday everyone drove up see see my nieces dance performance in the mall so I decided to stay home and clean house really GOOD. I cleaned for like eight hours straight. I also try to do what I call a "fall cleaning" this time of year cause we always have family over and its SO busy with Christtmas parties and cookie exchanges I figured it was a good time to just clean clean clean. This year Thanksgiving dinner isn't at our house so today we put all of our x-mas decorations out. The only thing left is the outside lights and a couple of christmas trees. Other than that we are all ready for christmas except for christmas shopping!!! Hope everyone in the Dog Bloggy World is doing great! I will hopefully have a picture post up later in the week.

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  1. I think we've all been keeping busy! We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!